Latest Version: 5.2.5, 22-07-2005 (see News section)
Latest Update : News, 22-07-2005
Smart.tcl is a complete TCL script for eggdrop bots 1.6.x series. It should also be compatible with older 1.5.x and 1.4.x series (except for some functions which requires newer 1.6.x tcl-commands). It also requires TCL language >= 8.3.x (it works also with older versions, but not all functions will work completely, like Bounce System, botnet file transfers, shell commands, etc..).
It is meant to be an easy and fast instrument for botnet configuration/administration. All settings are available via comfortable party-line interfaces (usually, both single and mass interface are available with the same name and parameters, just putting an 'm' before command name and a bot-group after: for example, '.join #channel' --> '.mjoin A #channel', etc..)
All of your settings/configurations are stored into a single directory, created in your eggdrop route and named 'smartTCL/', so if something goes wrong, you can just 'rm -rf smartTCL' and reinstall from a fresh smart.tcl copy.. :)

Important: To work properly, tcl name MUST be 'smart.tcl', so please don 't try to reneame it (many users tried with smart-version.tcl and similar, but it make impossible to use important internal features, like .upgrade, ops, etc..). A good place for the tcl is in your eggdrop 's root, or in 'scripts/' subdir..

Any feedback/comment/offense/bug-report/feature-request are wellcome, you can email me or find me on IRCNet with nickname ^Boja^!